What is TeleOrthodontics?

At its core, TeleOrthodontics is exactly what it sounds like – an innovative new way to experience the ease and convenience of treatment, right from the comfort of your own home.

Rather than taking time out of your busy schedule to come into our office, all you have to do is use your smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device to take three distinct selfies of your teeth. Then, you can just text the selfies right to our team and we’ll take care of everything!

TeleOrthodontics is also a great way to address any common questions that you might have, or concerns that may arise during your treatment using techniques like Fastbraces®, Clear Aligners, Clear Braces, or Metal Braces.

All told, TeleOrthodontics is an incredible opportunity to enjoy high-quality care in the most convenient way possible – all thanks to the wonders of modern technology!

Are There Fewer Visits to the Office?

Yes! Dr. Dressler and his team experience 40% fewer in-office appointments when compared to competing practices for this very reason. The truth of the matter is, not everything requires you to come into the office in-person for a thorough examination. Certain questions can be addressed via photos and a few SMS text messages, so why shouldn’t they? Even aligner follow up visits are virtual!

Having said that, if you’re going through treatment of any kind and something breaks, you need to text Dr. Dressler immediately. Any unnecessary delay in treatment should be avoided so in certain extreme situations, you may need to come into the office right away.

How Can I Make a Virtual Appointment?

Making your first virtual appointment is easy – all you have to do is click the following link and our scheduling system will take care of everything on your behalf!

Will I Need to Come Into the Office?

Again, there are certain types of situations where you will need to come into the office for a more detailed level of care. This is especially true if you’re going through treatment with something like traditional braces and one of your brackets breaks, or if the wire connecting those brackets were to come loose. At that point, there really would be no way to handle the issue virtually.

But at the same time, we understand that your lives are busy. We not only want to fit treatments into your life but also payments into your budget as well. That’s a large part of the reason why we’ve so wholeheartedly embraced this platform in the first place – you can get your orthodontic quote online, get your online assessment with Dr. Dressler himself, and much, much more!

Can I Schedule a TeleOrthodontics Consultation Today?

Absolutely! The process couldn’t be more straightforward, and you can even get your online assessment directly with Dr. Dressler himself! All you need to do is take the three pictures in question and, along with your insurance information, text us now! Dr. Dressler will get back to you as soon as he’s able to and you’ll be closer to that perfect smile you’ve always seen for yourself than ever!

Is It Easy to Use?

TeleOrthodontics absolutely couldn’t be easier, especially thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Think about it like this: the smartphone you’re probably carrying around with you in your pocket right now is capable of shooting incredibly high-resolution photos and full 4K videos. That’s absolutely an asset that should be used to your advantage and now, at Dressler Orthodontics, we are!

If you have a question, you can always text one of our team members and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If there is some type of dental issue that you’re experiencing that you’d like a little more information about, all you have to do is take the three appropriate selfies as demonstrated and send the pictures to our staff. 

Once sent, Dr. Dressler will check out your pictures and take a look at the situation. We even regularly check for new photos on the weekends, all so that we can be there to help our patients whenever they need us.

In the vast majority of all cases, we’ll be able to handle your situation or answer your question virtually as quickly as possible. If you do need to come into the office you absolutely should, but again – the chances of that are dramatically reduced by the platform itself.

Having said that, this is important enough that it once again bears repeating – if anything should break with your braces or any other similar treatment option, you need to text us immediately so that we can take care of things as soon as possible.

You can do practically anything over text message with our team – you can get your orthodontic quote online and can even get your online assessment with Dr. Dressler himself!

At the end of the day, we’ve always understood that our patients lead incredibly busy lives. It’s one of the things we’ve tried to be mindful of throughout our history, and formerly we stayed open for very long hours and even on weekends as a way to accommodate as many people as possible.

But now, thanks to TeleOrthodontics, you get access to the highest quality care in the most convenient way possible. It’s an opportunity that didn’t exist as recently as five years ago, but it does today – and we’re incredibly excited to see where technology ends up taking us all moving forward.

So if you still have any additional questions about TeleOrthodontics or the various virtual options available at our practice, or if you’d just like to discuss the specifics of your situation with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact Dressler Orthodontics today!