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Nelly O.
15:44 31 Oct 23
Uno de los mejores el me dijo q en dos años se tardaría mi tratamiento y por cuestión q no baja bien un diente ya llevo los 5 años el sigue con paciencia y n me cobro extra todos en la oficina son un amor the best doctor and staff
Mary B.
01:17 19 Oct 23
Wonderful group of people. Everyone was really nice and helpful. The place is very nice and clean.
Laura J.
14:26 04 Oct 23
The staff is super nice, they are very flexible with you if something happens. They get you in right away. We have had nothing but great experiences there.
Robert B.
15:38 20 Aug 23
This is our second child getting braces here and they are phenomenal again! Staff is always great! Dr Dressler really knows his stuff. He is quite funny as well. My kids love them! Well worth the money!
Sarah P.
19:16 14 Jul 23
Dr. Dressler and all of his staff are wonderful! Both my girls are current patients and we could not be happier with the service provided by Dressler Orthodontics.
Stephanie P.
14:37 13 Jul 23
This is our 2nd child added to Dr Dresser's office. We received a generous discount for having multiple children in braces thru his practice. At any time we were having problems making monthly payments we just had to call and they worked with whatever was best for us. I truly have never had a better experience with any medical or dental practices than with Dr Dresslers.
Ashley R
18:54 07 Apr 23
The S.
12:12 09 Mar 23
We immediately felt very welcomed by their staff. Dr. Dressler took the time to explain in detail what to expect over the next 2 years of this journey and quickly got us in for her appointment to put on her braces. An area where they truly excelled was their office manager took the time to call our insurance company and obtain all of the information including their her actual policy information since we had just changed companies and didn’t have the cards yet. She had in minutes what could’ve taken weeks potentially!! We also had established an expense account to go towards health costs and she helped us track that down with the utmost patience and diligence. I love the sense of family amongst the staff, and their office is very clean and love that they diffuse yummy smelling essential oils vs harsh scents; so being someone who’s very sensitive to chemicals, this made a good impression. My daughter loves her braces, ands they got us in immediately when we needed a quick repair . I know we made the right decision going with Dresslers office, and not knowing where to start, since we are brand new to the area and knew no one. A true gem and win!
Jessica G.
18:17 24 Feb 23
Andrea G.
15:16 17 Feb 23
Being a prior patient with a “Dressler Smile”, I only wanted the best when it comes to my son. If excellent care by Dr Dressler and his staff wasn’t enough of a reason to come see him, the convenience of being able to text pictures of my sons teeth, and receive a quote on braces, check my insurance, schedule an appt, all on my lunch break at work would be my next reason to go here. 1st visit we were in and out with braces! It seems I never remember that I need to call and make an appt until I am at work which is inconvenient time to call, then try and look at my schedule, this takes out all of that hassle and puts my life back in my hands.
UMaze “.
15:15 07 Feb 23
Amy H.
13:23 18 Dec 22
Hannah F.
20:02 08 Oct 22
Dr Dressler & staff are fantastic! We never have to wait long either, the staff is quick to respond if we need help after hours. This is our 3 set of braces (third patient) with in our household he has done!
Rob P.
00:20 16 Aug 22
Professional. Honesty and integrity.
Dalton M.
18:32 19 Jul 22
Dalton M.
02:12 15 Jun 22
Jc C.
03:39 08 Jun 22
Cannon W.
16:27 29 Apr 22
Everyone at Dr. Dressler’s office was amazing! Very clear with plans, instructions, and information. I’m so glad we chose them! My son really liked Bria. She was great with him, she’s awesome! Dr. Dressler took his time and explained the needs and what he looked to happen in the future.
Josslyn K.
14:19 29 Apr 22
Great place! Wonderful staff. They took my very shy and anxious kid and made her experience one that she raved about. Keep up the great work.
Kendra G.
19:46 22 Apr 22
Great experience with friendly staff and doctor!!
Ellen K.
12:29 17 Mar 22
Skye H.
15:18 07 Mar 22
Marionnth D.
19:09 11 Feb 22
Dr. Dressier and his staff are amazing. My daughters felt comfortable and they guided us through the whole process.
Sarah C.
15:20 17 Dec 21
Everyone at the office has been very kind and helpful. Dr. Dressler took his time addressing my concerns and explaining the process. Very happy we chose this orthodontist and staff!
Suzanne L.
15:24 10 Dec 21
I love everything about Dr. Dressler and his staff. We have used them for several years and never had an issue nor complaint. Always accommodating and work with your schedule.
Cindy S.
00:33 08 Dec 21
Tee L.
14:51 25 Oct 21
Shannon P.
17:41 06 Aug 21
Busy Moms O.
17:52 16 Jul 21
We have loved all of the staff from day 1. They have always been friendly, prompt, and helpful. My daughter has always been treated extremely well, visits are quick with very little wait time if any at all. Dr.Dressler is great at what he does and is super friendly and great with kids.
thuy tam le T.
14:52 08 Jul 21
Steven K.
00:36 22 Jun 21
We have been impressed with the care received thus far. Dr. Dressler provided a great explanation of the care to be provided and answered all questions thoroughly. The staff has been fantastic, easy to get ahold of, answered all questions in a timely fashion, and has been extremely charismatic.
megan S.
16:13 11 May 21
Hayle J.
15:54 18 Apr 21
Amazing! I would recommend everyone here
Tamara B.
00:24 13 Apr 21
Each time I have been everyone is very nice and professional. The facility is clean and in order. They take appointments by text and work with you on your schedule which is very convenient. I would recommend them to anyone.
Gloria A.
14:41 08 Apr 21
Dr. Dressier and his staff were amazing? Everyone was friendly and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Dressler for all of your Orthodontic needs.
Brittany R.
15:04 15 Mar 21
Great experience staff was amazing
Sherrie H.
14:48 15 Mar 21
Dr. Dressler is a fantastic orthodontist and his staff are extremely friendly.
Michele K.
15:21 08 Mar 21
Heather C.
19:13 18 Feb 21
Dr.Dressler and his staff are amazing!!
Brandi W.
15:31 08 Feb 21
Dr. Dressler and his staff was so amazing and kind! They communicated so well and in a timely manner leading all the way up to my appointment. I was in and out in no time!!! I highly recommend Dr. Dressler and his staff for any of your orthodontic needs.
Lasha B.
15:52 09 Jan 21
Amazing people I love them any question I ever had they answer with no problem so helpful and affordable can’t wait to get my braces tighten I love the atmosphere.
Bridgett B.
09:51 18 Dec 20
Danita C.
16:42 17 Dec 20
Dr. Dressler and his staff are awesome! They are very friendly and make you feel comfortable!
Melissa S.
16:04 16 Nov 20
Marisa D.
00:43 16 Nov 20
Dr. Dressler and his staff are awesome! They take time with you to make sure all your questions are answered and that you feel comfortable, they are all such nice people. I'm glad I found them!
Ashley W.
14:12 13 Nov 20
Tahia H.
14:27 10 Nov 20
Steve W.
21:43 20 Oct 20
My Daughter was having Jaw pain and i was told to take her to a Orthodontist. Went to one place and without even looking at my Daughter they were hard closing me on a payment. I left mad and frustrated. Went to Dr Dressler's office and the first thing he did was look at her mouth and said "she doesn't need braces" I think she has a Vitamin deficiency". He put her on Vitamin D and sent us on the way. Jaw pain was gone. Great honest Dr!
Crystal G.
12:45 09 Oct 20
Sarah L.
20:56 23 Sep 20
Amazing group of people. They have their own in house financing. Super friendly and well knowledgeable and really helpful with any questions you may have then and later.
Nara C.
15:23 23 Sep 20
It was such a great experience from the Online Consultation which was so quick and easy (for those that can’t take off work or just don’t want to go into the office) to the moment I walked into Dr. Dressler’s office. Everyone’s attitude and vibes were amazing and Blair was also great putting my braces on I really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to see how my teeth turn out.
Jerrica B.
13:15 16 Sep 20
Everything from my consultation, working out a payment plan, and getting my braces was a breeze! Everyone in the office is so nice! I am very happy that I chose Dr. Dresslers office to use for my adult braces!
Kelly C.
19:44 13 Sep 20
It was a quick and easy process getting my daughters braces put on, payment plan was set up smoothly and the over all satisfaction with this office I give them 5 stars. My daughters teeth are already shifting and looking very nice.
Lori B.
13:10 13 Sep 20
gidget B.
13:09 15 Aug 20
Malinda R.
13:44 05 Aug 20
I love Dr. Dressler and his entire staff! They are friendly and very knowledgeable. I felt welcomewhen I called on the phone for information and ifyou are looking for a great and professional Orthondontist look no further they are the best!!!!
samantha M.
13:11 24 Jul 20
Sharkie J
16:50 20 Jul 20
I got my braces June.22nd! Dr.Dressler & staff was amazing! Very professional! From the front staff to back staff! Special thanks to Breanna for taking great care of me!! I’m super excited for my new journey with Dr.Dressler & his team! I can not wait to see my results!
Pacman W
21:03 15 Jul 20
Stephanie B.
14:39 14 May 20
Dr. Dressler and his staff have been beyond amazing! The process has been so very simple as well. I simply text in a picture of my teeth, and received a very rapid response that due to the complexity of my teeth they would need to see me in office. They were able to see me in office in less than a week, and my braces were applied the following week. I have a terrible fear of the dentist, but Dr. Dressler and his staff made me feel so safe, and at ease. He and his entire staff are absolutely amazing!
Ellen S.
23:19 23 Dec 19
Being a college student away from home, (Chattanooga, TN to Fayetteville, AR) Dr. Dressler has given me a new smile, so easily! Clear correct is awesome! All I had to do was go into his office so they could take molds of my mouth and then he would mail me new retainers each time I needed them! I barely even had to go into his office! I am so so so happy with my smile! Thanks Dr. Dressler!
Shelley P.
01:13 06 Nov 19
I give my experience 5 stars. I am so happy with my teeth. The clear aligners were the best choice for me. I loved the fact that I could take pictures of my teeth and send them to Dr. Dressler on my phone. It was so convenient. Dr Dressler and his staff are superb.
Dr. Keith and his team members are just wonderful they are doing incredible job they are professional and very kind their texting appointments and texting answers of their customers are awesome. My teeth looks wonderful I’m so satisfied .
Missy S.
23:55 17 Jul 19
Dr. Dresser and his staff are awesome!! They are very friendly and helpful! I texted them pictures of my teeth and Dr. Dresser responded quickly with a quote. I got an appointment the next week to get my braces on. I give Dr. Dresser and his staff a 5 star rating! 😊
Bre S.
20:46 16 Jul 19
My son had his first visit with Dr. Dressler and before we went we had exact pricing and downpayment plan. Before even going to the office I was able to send pictures of his mouth to the Dr. and he was able to tell me what my options were and his biller texted me with my options and pricing for each. I live in Dalton and being able to cut down on office visits was a big help. If I have a problem between visits I can text a picture to the office and they can tell me if I need to come in or if it can wait until my next scheduled visit. The staff was so friendly when we got there. They even worked my son in to get braces same day! Dr. Dressler is great and All the staff I had contact with were so nice and helpful and answered all my questions
Chelsea A.
02:54 20 Jun 19
Dr.Dressler and his crew are the absolute best! I was in and out of my braces within ten months and the whole time I experienced nothing but the best care from them! My sister got her braces a month before me and I’ve also referred a few friends since then! I wouldn’t have been tempted to contact them if it wasn’t for the number I was given to text them! It was very convenient and they gave a quote with insurance and all, a long with my first appointment date. ( you can find their number to text on Facebook or website I’m sure). I would recommend Dr.Dressler to anyone!
Ellyn P.
12:34 09 May 19
Friendly staff!
Peggy F.
22:17 04 Feb 19
A “mature” adult, I was hesitant about getting braces and how long any correction would take. Dr Dressler took a lot of time with me for my initial consult and assured me that my case would take just 6-9 months. Well, 7 months later I can tell you it was a very good decision! I recommend Dr Dressler and his team because I received wonderful care there and my teeth look great! Its never too late for self-improvement😁
Haley G.
22:04 06 Dec 18
Dr. Dressler and his team are the greatest! I would not choose any other orthodontist! They are so friendly and did an absolutely amazing job giving me my best smile!!
18:51 22 Dec 17
Hands down one of the nicest guys you'll meet. (Dr. Dressler thanks again for the pool game ;))
P L.
20:06 03 Nov 17
Jenni V.
21:12 14 Aug 17
Nicos S.
21:52 14 May 17
Grace M.
18:14 17 Nov 16
They are a very nice neat clean facility
Sam B.
14:07 13 Sep 16
Jacob H.
16:18 12 Sep 16
Great experience
C. S. H.
17:03 31 Aug 16
Courtney P.
20:20 10 Aug 16
Beyond pleased is an understatement for the experience I had during my times with Dr. Dressler and his staff! I would highly recommend him to anyone who's really looking to see life-long improvement and someone who knows what they're talking about. Great team!
Abby S.
14:47 09 Jun 16
Absolutely amazing staff! They all took great care of me, and Dr. Dresser is an amazing orthodontist! My smile has never looked better!
Chris C.
14:56 18 May 16
Dr Dressler and his staff were awesome from start to finish when I had my braces. Highly recommend them.
Visaal A.
19:27 07 May 16
Yancy F.
14:17 26 Apr 16
I love Dr dressier and his staff! They have made my experience fantastic and have been very welcoming every time I come for an appointment! 5 stars!!
bryce T.
19:08 11 Apr 16
They treat me nice and with respect
Outstanding experience. Jessica is the best in the whole wide world!
Sam W.
18:40 11 Apr 16
Great place to get your braces put on, friendly environment and knowledgeable staff
Jessica R.
03:14 04 Apr 16
They're so awesome!
Brianna H.
14:46 21 Oct 15
Every visit has been a wonderful experience! I've never had to wait long, always taken back within 5 minutes when I arrive. Everyone is very polite and do an amazing job!
Hannah H.
14:15 21 Oct 15
I got my braces off about a week ago and my teeth look amazing! The staff here has always treated me so kindly and I couldn't be happier to have come to this orthodontist.
autumn R.
12:34 13 Oct 15
I have been a patient for about two years now and I loved every minute of it. From the amazing staff to the even more amazing results. I would highly recommend coming here if you want a life changing smile.
Ashley K.
19:53 08 Oct 15
I had the greatest experience with Dr. Dressler. My treatment time went by quick and I am EXTREMELY pleased with my results! Dr. Dressler and his staff are awesome. I absolutely love my new smile thanks to Dr. Dressler.
Teddy K.
19:48 30 Sep 15
Yo I swear I love the new teeeeth Dr.k make sure you good. Love the staff
Alicia R
00:51 30 Sep 15
The staff are great and friendly people
Caitlin W.
18:39 22 Sep 15
gabby r
19:22 17 Sep 15
Love how fast they are
Aidan V.
14:14 16 Sep 15
Great experience getting my braces on and off! Lovely staff and facility.
Bryan M.
18:19 15 Sep 15
Dr. Dresser and his staff are awesome. They had me at hello with my name on their wall of new patients. Their care and commitment to patients is top notch and can't be beat. They'll always make you feel welcomed..
Allie N.
17:55 15 Sep 15
I love the friendly staff! They always answered my questions and treated me well! I'm so happy with how my teeth turned out after I got my braces off!
Grace A.
14:35 15 Oct 14
I would highly recommend Dr. Dressler to anyone in need of Orthodontic care. He along with his staff treat their patients as if they were all MVPs. I always feel welcome whenever I stop by the office. Thank you Dr. Dressler for my beautiful smile.
Carolyn S.
22:45 23 Dec 13
Dr. Dressler is an excellent orthodontist. We have received incredible care from him for our granddaughter.
Michelle A.
14:59 15 Dec 13
When searching for an orthodontist for my daughter, we visited every one in our area. We were most impressed with Dr. Dressler and his staff. They made us feel comfortable and welcomed. Several others had told us that she would need permanent teeth pulled and a palatal expander. Dr. Dressler was confident that neither of those were necessary for her treatment. His quote was also the best with our insurance and included an I-Pad as well. We have no complaints on anyone at his practice. Everyone there is very professional and knowledgeable. I also like how involved in the community they are as well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Dressler to anyone that seeks orthodontic care!
Peyton A.
14:44 15 Dec 13
I am so glad my parents chose Dr. Dressler as my orthodontist. He is very nice and encouraging. His office staff are very helpful and answer all of my questions.
Scott I.
12:38 18 Sep 13
Dr. Dressler and his staff are fantastic. They are now taking car of my son's braces after doing a wonderful job for my daughter. It is obvious that they really care about the kids. I highly recommend using Dr. Dressler.
Dolliethea S.
15:47 04 Feb 13
I really Think this is THE BEST orthodontist is all of Chattanooga! Very caring and his office is family oriented. This Staff here is SECOND TO NONE!!!!!!!!!